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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Annual Print Exhibition Opening reception

The CCP Photography Club Annual Print Exhibition Opening reception on First Friday in Old City 4/1/11, 5-9 PM at David Rug & Art Studio 108 N. 2nd St. (2nd & Arch Sts) Phila Pa 19106 267 519 3165
Everyone is welcome to come......
Members have been planning the show since September '10. Fundraisers & other informational activities have contributed to the quality of artwork displayed in the show. A broad diversity of ages, cultural backgrounds, and artistic visions make the show an interesting & eclectic mix of styles and techniques..... from good old fashioned traditional darkroom photography to cutting edge digital compilations.... have produced a visually stunning presentation in an interesting environment.Please support or benefactor, Davoud Rad, in considering items in the studio for sale to the public.  Our off campus gallery show is endorsed by Community College of Philadelphia, Clubs and Organizations. Light soft drink refreshments & finger foods will be served........ and if all goes well..... we'll even have some light entertainment, as well!The Show runs until April 26. The Gallery is Open 11-5 Tues-Sat, or by appointment.
We hope to see you at the Opening Night Festivities!

This is the opening night announcement poster.

This is a 4x6" announcement card.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


so ....

i could not sleep so i found myself sitting looking at you tube videos
the thing with the"tube" is you start out watching one thing and end up watching something totally different.

I really miss church i don't miss God he's with me always but i miss going in the building enjoying church. Sad its not the same anymore, i remember going to church waiting to see the lady in the front shout during the "praise break", smell'n chicken cook'n in the basement, or is that just me. In all of that God did make a difference on me as a youth. Now that I'm a man and can see what truly is.I know now that God is not in the church he is in your heart of man, and in the church there are lots of people jumping and shouting and eating chicken with no God in their hearts.

God is not a Hymnal hes not left in the seats of the church he is at work with you at home with you. So all you church folk come on out the church cut them light out and "Praise break" at work or in school
What I don't hear no body!

Lets tell the world we love the lord. AND HE LOVE US BACK!

Don't wakeup another day in 2011 and still hate
God is love and if you for some reason you don't believe in God
well im glad he not human ! and loves you anyway